Volunteering Information & Forms

  • Kitchen Duties: Meals are a fun part of the volunteering experience. While some volunteers may be more skilled in culinary arts that others, we all share kitchen duties to ensure a smooth dining experience. This document outlines the responsibilities of the different rotating kitchen assignments. [CLICK FOR PDF]
  • Liability Waiver: While volunteering is very safe, all volunteers are required to sign this liability waiver.[CLICK FOR PDF]
  • Rules of Conduct: Volunteering is a rewarding experience. To ensure the experience is rewarding for everyone AND that everyone in our group makes a positive impression on all those we meet along the way, all volunteers will be expected to sign and then follow these rules of conduct. [CLICK FOR PDF]
  • Minor Release: For those volunteers under 18, this minor release is required to be signed by a parent or guardian. [CLICK FOR PDF]

9 thoughts on “Volunteering Information & Forms

  1. I am a full time EMT Looking for an opportunity to practice EMS In different cultures while continuing to improve my Spanish speaking. If there is any use for an individual with my interest please keep me posted on any future opportunities to provide EMS for any upcoming mission trips.

  2. Hi! I’m from the University of Detroit Mercy’s dental school and a small group of us are looking to do some volunteer work in an impoverished area. Our summer break is the first three weeks of August, and we also have breaks in March and May. If you could keep us updated, that would be great!

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