Sponsor a Volunteer

The primary mission of the Chiapas Project is to provide free medical and dental care to the indigenous Zoque people of the region. All contributions, unless specifically directed elsewhere, go towards that end.

The other goal of the Project is to encourage volunteerism among young people and medical/dental professionals. The American and Mexican students who have joined us in the past had learned first-hand the importance of helping those in need. They have seen that a world exists beyond their front door. Hopefully they will embark on a lifetime of volunteer and charitable work. Each volunteer pays for all of their expenses (air, food, lodging, truck rentals, etc.) In February 2002 each American volunteer spent $1100.00 for the priviledge of serving others. Mexican volunteers spent aproximately USD$150.00 each.

If you wish to provide a full or partial scholarship for a young person, please send your contribution to:

The Chiapas Project
c/o Dr. David Brody
179 High Street
Newton, NJ 07860

NOTE: You must specify that your contribution is to be used as a scholarship. We assume that all contributions are meant for the direct care of the indigenous people of Chiapas unless notes otherwise.

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