Making a financial contribution

The Chiapas Project is fully dependent on private contributions in order to provide free medical and dental care to the indigenous people of Chiapas. There are no administrative expenses and all contributions are tax deductable. Each volunteer who travels to Chiapas pays his/her own expenses.

All contributions, unless specifically designated as scholarships for young volunteers, are used to improve the lives of the Zoque people.

A $25 donation allows us to purchase any of the following:

  • 100 toothbrushes
  • 800 non-sterile gloves for the midwives of the area to use while doing deliveries. (We have already seen ~66% decrease in delivery-related infections since introducing the midwives to gloves.)
  • 10 courses or more of antibiotics for patients with serious infections
  • 10 courses (6 months each) of prenatal vitamins and folic acid for pregnant women
  • Daily multivitamins for 20 children for 1 year each
  • 175 courses of treatment for intestinal parasites (worms)
  • 5000 Tylenol tablets
  • 800 pairs of used eyeglasses
  • 100 pediatric antibiotic treatments
  • 1000 doses of dental anesthetics
  • 100 3-month courses of high blood pressure medication

If you’d like yo donate more, higher amounts will help fund:

  • $50.00 buys enough pre-natal vitamins for 4 full-term pregnancies.
  • $200.00 buys enough disposable needles and anesthetic cartridges to provide pain-free dentistry to 1400 patients.
  • $250.00 buys 100 tubes of triple antibiotic ointment to be distributed to villagers.
  • $425.00 buys 10,000 Ibuprofen tablets for pain relief.
  • $850.00 buys a portable dental system that operates high speed and low speed handpieces, air/water syringe, and suction.
  • $1400.00 buys a light weight dental air compressor (Kittatinny Regional High School (N.J.) Student Council already bought the generator).

Tax deductable contributions should be sent to:

The Chiapas Project
c/o Dr. David Brody
179 High Street
Newton, NJ 07860

Thank you!

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